Save iPhone Voicemails to Todoist

Problem No matter what task-management system you use, one essential element is the ability to add tasks seamlessly and consistently. In my case, I use Todoist to keep track of what I need to do, so I obviously want all of my tasks to end up there. Creating to-dos based on e-mails is easy (Airmail … Continue reading Save iPhone Voicemails to Todoist


Run Custom AppleScripts in MailMate

Update (2018-02-15) I discovered today that the bundles behavior of MailMate has changed since I wrote this post. All the bundles you could enable in the app's preferences pane used to be installed with the app. Now, however, the bundles are downloaded and installed from GitHub when you enable them in the preferences. (See this … Continue reading Run Custom AppleScripts in MailMate